Meet POR Fellows and Awardees

PASSERELLE is a proud partner of several POR scholarships and fellowships programs. A directory of our scholars will soon be available!

A community encouraged by PASSERELLE

PASSERELLE supports its community of fellows by offering:

  • POR expertise and advice;
  • Support for patient-oriented research projects;
  • Letters of support;
  • Peer review services;
  • Activities (ex: Reflective café – Provide a space for participants to reflect on their experience(s) of patient partnering in the context of their research project);
  • Informal opportunities to meet and exchange ideas (ex: Scientific Café Meeting between citizens and tomorrow’s health researchers; 5 to 7 on the theme of patient and citizen involvement in health research);
  • Scientific days;
  • Networking sessions;
  • Visibility;
  • Travel and training grants.

CIHR POR Awards – Transition to Leadership Stream

  • AglipayMary
    Determining Covid -19 Disease Burden and the Effectiveness of Public Health Measures in Children 
    Université de Toronto 
    Twitter: @maryaglipay
    ResearchGate: Mary Aglipay
    LinkedIn: Mary Aglipay 
  • Allemang Brooke
    Transition Readiness and Experiences of Young Adults with Co-occurring Chronic Health and Mental Health Issues Exiting Pediatric Services: A Mixed Methods Study
    University of Calgary  
    Twitter: @brookeallemang
    ResearchGate: Brooke Allemang
    LinkedIn: Brooke Allemang 
  • Alunni-Menichini Kristelle
    Soutenir l’évaluation et l’intégration des services fragmentés pour les problèmes complexes de santé sur la base du savoir expérientiel des pairs usagers et des patients partenaires
    Université McGill 
    Twitter: @kristellealunni
    ResearchGate: Kristelle Alunni-Menichini
    LinkedIn: Kristelle Alunni-Menichini 
  • Burnside Heather
    Understanding Sex and Gender Influences on Self-Management Practices of Indigenous Men, Women and Two-Spirited Individuals Living with Type 2 Diabetes: A Strengths-Based, Patient-Oriented Approach
    University of Toronto   
  • Fowler-Woods Amanda
    Opening Spaces and Places for the Inclusion of Indigenous  
    University of Manitoba  
  • Halsall Tanya
    Integrating universal and tailored approaches across the continuum of mental health and substance use supports: Supporting the implementation and coordination of the Icelandic Prevention Model and Integrated Youth Services 
    Institut de recherche en santé mentale de l’Université d’Ottawa 
    Tanya Halsall
    Twitter: @TanyaHalsall
    LinkedIn: Tanya Halsall 
  • Jordan Gerald
    Where do I belong? A participatory, mixed methods study examining citizenship among youth experiencing the onset of a mental illness
    CIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’Ile-de-Montréal Hôpital Douglas  
    Twitter: @GeraldJordan327
    Gerald Jordan, PhD
    ResearchGate: Gerald Jordan 
  • Knox Michelle
    Understanding the Impact of Patient Transfers on End-of-Life Patient Experience: The Effects of Institutional Abstinence from Medical Assistance in Dying
    University of Alberta  
    ResearchGate: Michelle Knox
    LinkedIn: Michelle Knox
    Twitter: @mischaknox 
  • Law Stephanie
    Institut de recherche du Centre universitaire de santé McGill 
    Community health workers and cultural safety training in tuberculosis prevention & care in Nunavik: a patient-oriented, participatory research program  
  • O’Brien Nadia
    What’s the secret sauce? Identifying effectiveness principles to enable the design, implementation and transferability of patient and community partnerships amongst marginalized populations using a developmental evaluation approach
    Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM)   
  • Roher Sophie
    Healing practices and paradigms: a study of Indigenous and biomedical healthcare at Yellowknife’s Stanton Territorial Hospital
    University of Toronto   
  • Rutherford Leo
    Health after gender-affirming genital surgery: a patient-guided study
    University of Victoria (British Columbia)
    ResearchGate: Leo Rutherford
    Leo Rutherford
  • Silver Hilah
    Decolonizing childbirth with Nunavik Inuit women transferred to high-risk hospitals for childbirth:  a co-designed pilot intervention
    Institut de recherche du Centre universitaire de santé McGill  
  • Trenaman Michael
    Improving outcomes for high-cost health services users: A program of patient-oriented health economics research
    University of British Columbia 
  • Turcotte Samuel
    Vieillissement actif des personnes vivant avec des incapacités : Une vision inclusive et axée sur la personne  
    Université Laval   

TUTOR-PHC Patient & Community Engagement in Primary Health Care Research Fellowships

  • ChisholmAshley
    Understanding the Role of Health Professionals in Health system Transformation: Implications for Primary Health Care
    University of Ottawa 
  • Correia Rebecca
    Development of Process and Outcome Metrics for Focused-Practice Primary Care of Older Adults: A RAND/UCLA Modified Delphi Study 
    McMaster University 
  • GeorgeCatherine
    Experiences of community-dwelling middle-aged stroke survivors with falls: A photovoice study
    University of Western Ontario 
  • Madureira FerreiraNatalia
    Virtual care and The Revolution to the Health Ecosystem 
    University of Western Ontario 
  • VizzaJulie
    Experiences with medication management in interprofessional care models: A study of older adults living with multiple chronic conditions
    Ontario Tech University (Oshawa, Ontario, Canada) 


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