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The objective of PASSERELLE is to serve as a central body for systematic patient-oriented training and mentoring in Canada. To do so, we aim to establish bilingual tailored learning pathways for researchers and knowledge users, including patient and public. These learning pathways will comprise a common patient-oriented research foundation curriculum, respectful of indigenous principles and EDI practices, and promote experiential learning opportunities. Tailored learning pathways will bring together various types of learners to engage in innovative learning activities, networking, mentoring, and experiential learning while building on their interests and skills.

Learning pathway for patient and community-oriented research in primary care

A working group of knowledge users and experts from Canadian primary care research network has been meeting to co-create a learning pathway for patient and community-oriented research in primary care. 

This learning pathway for patient and community-oriented research in primary care has been presented during the NAPCRG 51e annual meeting in San Francisco to the participants (patients and community members, healthcare professionals and decision-makers, trainees and researchers) that had the opportunity to engage in its consolidation, addressing and reflecting on the content, modalities, operationalization, impacts and sustainability of this proposed pathway.

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Training platform

Wabishki Bizhiko Skaanj (wah-bish-kih biish-ih-goo skaa-nch) Learning Pathway

Wabishki Bizhiko Skaanj (wah-bish-kih biish-ih-goo skaa-nch) is a training platform that aims to enhance knowledge and awareness of racial biases, Indigenous voices and stories, the impact of colonization on Indigenous health, and culturally safe health research practices.

The learning pathway comprises existing resources in addition to original components developed by the Can-SOLVE CKD Network.

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PASSERELLE is also working on learning pathways in child health and chronic pain.

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