Communities of practice

A community of practice facilitates cooperation, collaboration and experience sharing between its members, in a social context. A community has an identity defined by a shared area of interest. Its members engage mutually and collectively in activities and discussions, helping each other and sharing information with the aim of safeguarding their common interest.

SPOR Communities of Practice

SPOR Units and Networks have established several communities of practice in support of their activities.

We will soon provide a complete list of the different SPOR communities of practice existing across Canada.

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Setting up your community of practice

PASSERELLE can offer suitable support to POR teams or organizations interested in learning more about or setting up a community of practice. This support can take the form of meetings, workshops, presentations, and sharing of relevant resources. 

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Setting up your community of practice

Several resources addressing the planification, conduct, and evaluation of a community of practice are available in our repository.

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