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SPOR SUPPORT Unit | Alberta

Capacity for patient-oriented research means all partners – patients, researchers, health system professionals, policymakers, and more – are trained and working collaboratively towards the common goal of high-quality health care and improved patient outcomes within an integrated learning health system.

In line with CIHR’s Capacity Development Framework, the Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit (AbSPORU) offers diverse, responsive and integrated training opportunities designed to create a culture of learning and collaboration within Alberta’s health system and research communities. Our training environment includes a suite of eLearning modules, certificate courses, for-credit graduate courses, graduate studentships, journal clubs, communities of practice, webinars, podcasts, blogs, an annual conference, and more.

Our mission is to provide inclusive training and mentorship opportunities to all stakeholders to empower them to meaningfully undertake and/or contribute to POR. Our capacity development programming, activities, resources and partnerships create linkages and an innovative learning environment where students, researchers, patients, clinicians, health-system workers, and policy makers work together towards health system transformation and better health outcomes. Advancing EDI and sex- and gender-based analysis+ (SGBA+) in POR is a key outcome, in line with CIHR priorities.


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